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The only website focusing on George Lowe, voice actor and artist.

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George Lowe, a 40-something Florida native, is a professional voice actor. He has been in the business since he was 15. He is mostly known to cartoon fans as Space Ghost on SG's own Coast to Coast show on Cartoon Network. You can see Coast to Coast during Adult Swim: Sun & Thurs 10pm-1am. He also voices Brak's dad in The Brak Show. He's also recently appeared on Sealab 2021 episode All That Jazz , near the end as "Dick", an advertising company boss. You can also see him for a split second in the C2C opener to "Jacksonville", he appears as a handyman and the name "Adrienne Barbeau" on the screen. He was also in the Ghost costume for the "Coming in August" teasers.(Andy Merrill was the Ghost for cartoon planet)

George has been a writer and producer, news anchorman, voice over, and had his own spot on Florida's PM Magazine in the early 80s, He mainly does voice work for adverts on tv & radio.  His list of clients include WNNX-FM radio in Atlanta; TBS Superstation,  WAGA-tv(Fox), WSB-TV(ABC), WXIA-tv(NBC), House of Blues & Six Flags Theme Parks.  He also provided the automated voice for the  Atlanta commuter train (MARTA). I have just ridden the MARTA and it's not him anymore, at least on the line that goes to Dunwoody(where he lives) it's a lady's voice. So that's in the past.

George is also an artist; his style is all his own. He seems to like colored pencils and brown paper. George's exclusive representative is the Barbara Archer Gallery located in Atlanta. You can check out his art at the Barbara Archer Gallery website.

I know for a fact you can hear George doing spots on WMAX 105.3 All-80's, what's nice is you don't have to be IN Atlanta to hear! You can listen online!


©BusladyofSoCal. Artwork used with permission from George with help from the Barbara Archer Gallery. This is a fan site. I do not have direct contact with Mr. Lowe. (darn!)



Sean Medlock appeared on C2C, as a contest winner for the haiku contest they held couple years ago. He met the guys in their natural habitat.  Episode "Joshua".

This is his haiku he wrote about George:

"George was always "on"

That, to hear voice of the workstation spirit

   Of it's opening to come so strange is"